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By far the majority of members pay their membership dues at a reasonable time. Iím not sure if members think that we send personal notices to  inform when dues are to be paid. We do not. The fact is that dues for the coming year may be paid starting in September and must be paid before the end of January in order that a member remains in good standing. Any members, who have not paid by the end of June, will not have a membership card sent out for the following year and a new registration form must be submitted, resulting in a considerable delay  in receiving their membership card. Dominion Command compiles the branch membership register in July and sends the cards to the Branch shortly there after, thus the deadline of 30th June.

Members who have not paid their dues by the end of December of the previous year are considered not to be in good standing and are not eligible to  participate in any sporting events or, for that matter, any activities  within the Legion, including bar service.

Members who have been in arrears for two years may be reinstated by paying one year dues. However, they would lose any seniority they have  accumulated. If in arrears for more than two years, they must be  reinstated and all accumulated years of service will be forfeited. 

PLEASE NOTE: Any sixty-five / ten (65/10) members who have not picked up their membership cards for the past two consecutive years will not have  their dues taken care of by the Branch until re-establishing contact. We have tried to reach these members and in many cases are unable to. We  find that we are paying undue monies to Dominion Command for members  who have moved elsewhere, are no longer interested in the Legion period and in some cases have passed away. If any member is aware of the  aforementioned persons, please advise us so that corrective measured may be taken. Sorry to have to take this action but dollars are dollars.

I hope this will address some of the concerns regarding membership and membership dues.

Yours in Comradeship;

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